The “Single Visa” for Six Southeast Asian Countries?

A proposal for a “Schengen-style” visa, which would allow free travel between 6 Southeast Asian countries, was put forward by Thailand in an effort to boost regional tourism. If the proposed system were to go ahead, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos could all become far more easily accessible from Thailand.

It is also a great opportunity for Vietnam to lure long-haul vacationers to extend their stays by welcoming them to explore all the good that Vietnam has to offer! Moreover, joining the alliance is a great opportunity for Vietnam as a “transit country” since tourists who would like to travel to Laos or Cambodia will have to fly to Vietnam first and then move on to one of the remaining countries.

Talks with leaders of the neighboring nations on April 10, 2024 are said to have gone well. Thai officials proposing the program suggest extending the visa validity from 30 to 90 days to make the offer more attractive so that tourists would be able to spend more time in each country they choose to visit. This step is quite smart to increase the interesting experiences for tourists and encourage them to continue returning to Southeast Asia many more times.